Charles E. Diesendruck

Krill Prize Laureate 2018

Charles E. Diesendruck



New polymers for Modern Chemistry


Our research is on the field of polymer mechanochemistry and the synthesis of new functional polymers. We look at how mechanical force changes the chemistry of a polymer, and how changing the structure of molecules changes the mechanical
properties of plastic materials. In recent years, we have been studying the use of intramolecular covalent cross-links to develop polymers that mimic the
structure of proteins. We’ve made polymers that are “invincible” to force in solution and we are on the pathway to produce materials with high stiffness and
elasticity. Finally, we have also been looking at the chemical decomposition of membranes for alkaline fuel cells. Using fundamental organic chemistry,
significant improvements have been developed in testing new membranes, and we proposed new solutions to a technological problem that could change the energy storage and production landscape.

The Krill Prize Winners

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