Emmanuel Levy

Krill Prize Laureate 2018

Emmanuel Levy

Weizmann Institute


Protein-protein interactions from atomic to cellular scales


Dr. Levy aims to discover novel functional and evolutionary properties of proteins, which are the main actors of cellular functions. Proteins in a cell are much like people in a company: they move and interact with each other and often form teams or “protein complexes.” During his PhD studies, Dr. Levy studied the structure of protein complexes and discovered common routes for their evolution. During his post-doctoral work, he studied the broader picture of all protein interactions within a cell. He proposed
the concept that many “promiscuous” interactions exist and showed that proteins are under evolutionary pressure to avoid such counter-productive interactions.
Today, Dr. Levy’s group is investigating protein interactions from the atomic to the cellular scales, understanding how even single point mutations can
drive a dramatic re-organization of proteins within the cell, and how proteins can be programmed to assemble into biomaterials.

The Krill Prize Winners

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