Itzhak Tamo

Krill Prize Laureate 2018

Itzhak Tamo

Tel-Aviv University


Coding theory for distributed storage systems and memory devices


The information era we all live in is characterized by an exponential growth in the amount of data generated on a daily basis. As a result, computers, storage systems,
and cloud computing are facing new challenges that did not exist previously in the areas of data management, data protection, data analysis, and more. These challenges
define new problems of fault tolerance, data integrity, systems scalability, energy consumption and thermal dissipation. Therefore, new data management techniques
are in the need to be developed for large data centers (for example those of Facebook, Google and Microsoft), cloud computing, and new memory devices, for the
purpose of complying with the increasing demand for cheap and fast computing power by the end users. Broadly speaking, our main research goal is to face these
new challenges and demands by developing new strategies for fault-tolerance, and improving the current strategies for distributed and non-distribute computer systems. As
a result, these systems will become more resilient to failure, and data loss. Another aspect of our research is developing new data management techniques for memory
devices that better comply with the device’s physical limitations. The expected outcome of this research is an increased reliability of the device, its life expectancy, and
the availability of the stored data. Furthermore, we expect significant savings in energy consumption and electronic waste.


The Krill Prize Winners

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