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Nomination to the Wolf Prize

WOLF PRIZE in SCIENCE and ART has been awarded since 1978 to outstanding artists and scientists for their achievements for the benefit of mankind.

Nomination to the wolf prize is by invitation only.

Wish to Submit a Nomination?

Please contact the Wolf foundation office:

Kindly include your full name, title, affiliation, position, and filed of research/expertise


Five Wolf prizes are been awarded annually.

Prize fields in sciences comprise:

Agriculture, Chemistry, Mathematics, Medicine, and Physics.

Prize fields in Arts comprise:

Architecture, Music, Paintining, and Sculpture.

2023 Wolf Prize :

The 2023 Wolf Prize will be awarded in the fields of : Chemistry – Medicine – Agriculture-Mathematics and Arts.

Nominations for the 2023 Prize in the sciences: closed

Nominations for the 2023 Prize in the Arts: closed


Please be aware that:
> The Wolf Prize is awarded to individuals, not to institutions

> A person cannot be nominated by him/herself

> All existing nominations are valid for three years