Zeev Abeles

Board of Trustees (BOT) Chairperson

Zeev Meir Abeles, born in 1947, married + 3.

Chair of the Wolf Foundation Board of Trustees.

Zeev has many years of experience in the field of auditing and supervising banks. In his various past positions, Zeev was Chairman of the Board of Directors of Union Bank, Chairman of the Board – Open University, Member of the Board and Chairman of the Finance Committee Izzy Shapira, Director of the Foreign Exchange Audit Unit, Director of Credit and Collateral Audit and Executive Board The senior member of the Bank of Israel. In addition, Zeev serves as a member of the Accounting Standards Board and the Securities Authority, the Tel Aviv Economic Development Authority board, Tzur Shamir Ltd., and the board of Etgar Investments and Development Ltd.

Dr. Talia Aharoni


Talia Aharoni holds a PhD. in Practices and Theories from Paris 8 University. Her doctorate thesis, titled “Glocalization of Corporate Social Responsibility: The Development and Characterization of CSR in Israel”, was based on her experience as the founder of Maala – Business for Social Responsibility in Israel. Aharoni is an adjunct professor for CSR at The Recanatti School of Business, Tel-Aviv University, and COLMAN – College of Management; and an invited lecturer on CSR issues to a variety of academic institutions and conferences, both local and global. Aharoni’s present and past public engagements include: Trustee of the Wolf Foundation; Board member of: The Association for Civil Rights in Israel; Yedid – Association for Community Empowerment; Midot – Ranking and Analyzing NPO. Former member of: The Prime Minister’s cross partnership table; The GRI Stakeholders Council 2007-2013; MENA Network Global Compact 2007-2010; The Israeli committee for the ISO 26000; CSR Leaders Network. Served on the Board of Investec Bank Israel 1999-2004; Special advisor to Israel Minister of Finance 1997-1998.

Dalia Rabin


Dalia Rabin – ADV. Worked in a private law firm and the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office. In 1980 Dalia joined the State Attorney’s Office and was an attorney at the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office for fourteen years. During her years working in the State Attorney’s Office, she dealt extensively with defense cases concerning the defense industries and the bodies of the defense establishment. In addition, Dalia served as legal counsel for the Histadrut trade union. She served as a Member of the Knesset in the 15th Knesset (1999-2003) and held several positions, including Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, Chair of the Ethics Committee, and served on other committees such as the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, the State Audit Committee and the Committee for the Advancement of Women and the Special Committee for Promotion. Child status. As Deputy Minister of Defense (2002-2001) – the first woman in the State of Israel to fill this position, she was responsible for the home front issue, led to the establishment of the Chief Reserve Officer in the IDF, and worked hard to promote aid and compensation for reservists. Arbitration and Dispute Resolution “and heads it. In addition, she worked to establish the” Yitzhak Rabin Center “house, serves as chairman of the center’s executive committee, and is responsible for organizing the annual rallies in his memory. In addition to her work as head of the center, Dalia contributes from her professional experience in various public bodies, including a trustee member at the Wolf Foundation, board member of directors of the Israeli Center for Citizen Empowerment, member of the board of directors, and the steering committee at the Reut Policy Planning Institute, the Israel-America Friendship League board. A member of the board of trustees of the Association for the War on Cancer, a member of the board of directors of the JL Association – Learning Bridges for Diagnosing and Treating Learning Disabilities, and others.

Prof. Ehud Keinan

Council member

Prof. Ehud Keinan of the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry at the Technion, was born and educated in Israel, obtained PhD from the Weizmann Institute of Science and postdoc at the University of Wisconsin. He has published nearly 200 research papers, 20 patents and 3 books on biocatalysis, organic synthesis, molecular-computing, supra-molecular chemistry, improvised explosives and drug discovery. He was Dean of the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry, Adjunct Professor at The Scripps Research Institute in California, founder and first Head of the Institute of Catalysis in the Technion and founded two startup companies. Since 2009, he is President of the Israel Chemical Society and Editor-in-Chief of the Israel Journal of Chemistry.