Luciano Berio

Wolf Prize Laureate in Music 1991

Luciano Berio


Award citation:

“One of the greatest composers of our generation, he is also recognized and admired worldwide as interpreter, conductor, Iecturer and writer whose new ideas, in an age of devaluation of human values, help to bring closer nations, cultures and generations”.


Prize share:

Luciano Berio 

Sir Yehudi Menuhin


Luciano Berio, one of the great thinkers with a very wide field of creation, is undoubtedly one of the foremost composers of our generation, particularly noted for innovations in electronic music.

Berio is respected and admired worldwide for his achievellef1ts as interpreter, conductor, lecturer and writer.

His manifold activities, in an age of devaluation of human values, communicate new ideas and help to unify nations, cultures and generations.


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