Stevie Wonder

Wolf Prize Laureate in Music 2021

Stevie Wonder


Award Citation:

“for his remarkable musical and philanthropic contributions, enriching the lives of generations of music lovers”.


Prize Share:

Stevie Wonder 

Olga Neuwirth


Both Neuwirth and Wonder, though fundamentally different in genre and style, have pushed the boundaries of their art, each in his/her own realm of expression, to serve as a vehicle for universal values and humanistic ideals.

Stevie Wonder, Born in Michigan in 1950, a world-renowned singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, record producer – and an outstanding ambassador for peace. Stevie Wonder’s music draws its inspiration from rhythm and blues, jazz, soul, and Funk, but its core is welded deeply into the rich culture of the black community throughout the history of the United States and its roots in Africa. Stevie Wonder’s Beautiful and soulful lyrics reflect a wide variety of relevant topics, from deep personal thoughts and emotions up to social and political issues that deal with discrimination, racism, Poverty and cultural expression within society as such they continue to be extremely relevant up to this day While the music contribution of Stevie Wonder has shaped popular music worldwide since the 1960s, with dozens of records and numerous unforgettable songs, his ongoing commitment to support social struggles in the interest of humanity and his activism for peace.

Stevie Wonder, has been one of the brightest stars in the firmament of singers and song-writers for almost 50 years. In the USA, he has received practically every outstanding Honor and Award and is generally considered an icon of the American music scene. In his brilliant and unique musical language that broadened the melodic, harmonic and sound-concept of the genre, he has transformed the music world and influenced many of the great musicians who came after him. Wonder has combined words and music to articulate joy and pain, deeply rooted in hardship, sadness and injustice, criticizing the racist American society. His message of love and peace and universal brotherly love has inspired and helped so many. Wonder has left strong, lasting marks as a humanitarian, philanthropist and civil rights activist, as he has used his success and fame to affect people and make the world a better place.


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