Congratulations! 2023 Wolf Prize Laureates were announced

The endocrinologist who laid the foundation for the production of innovative hormone-based drugs to treat diabetes and obesity; the mathematician who revolutionized the world of mathematics and paved the way for technological innovations in the worlds of digital cinema and medical imaging; the researchers who developed strategies for using biopolymers to eradicate diseases; the researcher whose models he built for water flow and predicting contaminant transport in soils helps agriculture around the world; The artist who ignores fixed paradigms, creates new life for earth, snow, and fog and brings together in their creation the worlds of nature, poetry, technology and science.

These are the 2023 Wolf Prize Laureates announced:


The Wolf Prize in Medicine for 2023 is awarded to:

Prof. Daniel Drucker

University of Toronto, Canada

“For his pioneering work in elucidating the mechanisms and therapeutic potential of enteroendocrine hormones.”


The Wolf Prize in Agriculture for 2023 is awarded to:

Prof. Martinus Th. “Rien” van Genuchten

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“For his groundbreaking work in understanding water flow and predicting contaminant transport in soils.”


The Wolf Prize in Chemistry for 2023 is awarded Jointly to:

Professors He, Kelly, and Suga received the Wolf prize “for pioneering discoveries that illuminate the functions and pathological dysfunctions of RNA and proteins and for creating strategies to harness the capabilities of these biopolymers in new ways to ameliorate human diseases”.

  1. Chuan He

The University of Chicago, USA

“For discovering reversible RNA methylation and its role in the regulation of gene expression.”

  1. Hiroaki Suga

The University of Tokyo, Japan

“For developing RNA-based catalysts that revolutionized the discovery of bioactive peptides”.

  1. Jeffery W. Kelly

Scripps Research Institute, USA

“For developing a clinical strategy to ameliorate pathological protein aggregation”.


The Wolf Prize in Mathematics for 2023 is awarded to:

Ingrid Daubechies

Duke University, USA

“For her work in wavelet theory and applied harmonic analysis.”


The Wolf Prize in the Arts for 2023 is awarded Jointly to:

  1. Fujiko Nakaya


  1. Richard Long


“For redefining the possibilities of art-making and transforming the parameters of visual art”.



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